Jackson County Historical Society

Jackson County in the Civil War

This section contains information on the various events that happened in Jackson County during the Civil War and is dedicated to Delmer R. Hite who cherished the history of Jackson County and her people.  
Delmer was born in 1920 and served 23 years in the United States Air Force, retiring in 1965 as a Master Sergeant.  He was interested in all military history. Delmer served as the editor of the Jackson County Historical Society Newsletter from 1971 - 1991. He passed away in 1998.  
All articles are written by Delmer R. Hite, unless otherwise noted.  

Civil War Information printed in the JCHS Society Newsletter during the years 1970-1990
A. F. Parsons captured
Big Run and Upper Mill Creek Troubles
Buffington Island
Horse Stealing
Incidents Pertaining to Jenkin's Raid in Ravenswood
Jackson County in the Civil War
James Smith Guerrilla
Joab Smith - Journal of a Soldier 1861
Phelps Letter
Sheriff King Captured
4 Month Campaign of the 9th Regiment
A Confederate Prisoner of War Diary
Safreed Diary
Duskey's Raid on Ripley
Civil War Letters
Ripley was Jackson Court House
Memoir of a Youthful Confederate
Roster of Jackson County Civil War Union Soldiers Abbot-Donahue
Roster of Confederate Soldiers
List of Home Guards  Adams--King
List of Home Guards  King--Young