Jackson County Historical Society

Jackson County Historical Society

The Jackson County Historical Society was organized in 1969
Objectives of the Society
To discover, procure, preserve and publish whatever may relate to Jackson County’s natural, traditional, civic, military, literary and genealogical history of interest to this and future generations.
To encourage study of and research into the archaeology, genealogy, sociology and other matters of history of this area.
Preamble of our Constitution:
There is a personal and patriotic obligation resting upon the citizenship of every community to assemble and preserve its traditions, customs and history.
The programs, efforts, and resources of the Society exist for the benefit of every person in our community who desires to inform themselves of their heritage.
An extensive library of historical documents has been published by the Society for research use and is available at the public library. 
The many activities of the Society are carried out by volunteer efforts of the members. 

Operating Year: January - December 2019

JCHS Officers
President: Marjie Parsons
Vice President: Dallas Skeen
Secretary: Nancy Burford
Treasurer: Frank Crum
JCHS Board of Directors
Board Member: Maxine Landfried
Board Member: Brenda Elliott
Board Member: Tina Faber
Board Member: Mike Kelly
Board Member: Dallas Skeen
Board Member: Frank Crum
Board Member: Gayle Thompson
Board Member: Lesley Shockey
Board Member: Mike Ruben
Board Member: Nancy Burford
Board Member: Mike McGrew
Board Member: Marjie Parsons
Genealogy Society
President: Maxine Landfried
Vice President: Geneal Bailey
Secretary: Linda Murdock
Treasurer: Marjie Parsons
Programs: Brenda Elliott
Publicity: Gayle Thompson
Old Hickory DAR Chapter
Registrar: Geneal Bailey
Washington W. Lands Museum
Director: Nancy Burford
Website Maintenance
Contributor: Tina Faber
Contributor: Mike Ruben
Contributor: Maxine Landfried
Contributor: Geneal Bailey

Our Meetings

The Jackson County Historical Society meets the third Sunday of each month (except December) at 2:00 P. M.. at our meeting room in the Harrison Building in Ripley (lower floor-access on side across from the Ripley City Police).  Occasionally a meeting will be held elsewhere--at the museum, or when a larger venue is needed.